ItsBizkit Interviews Brooklyn Artist Solar

ItzBizkit: Let the people know your background, who Solar is and what you’re known for in the industry.

Solar:  First and foremost, I’m a Brooklyn born and bred producer and really came into my most notable fame working with Guru of Gangstanr…the founder of Gangstarr and we collaborated and started a label, 7 Grand Records, which became a movement around 2004, 2005 and continued up until the God’s demise in 2010. His most famous brand was Gangstarr and it is a supergroup that changed everything in Hip Hop. They carved a lane that didn’t exist before with his brilliant music, his vision for music and him bringing on DJ Premier to complete Gangstarr. Guru was Gangstarr before he came to New York, but then he asked DJ Premier and they became the legendary duo that created the five legendary albums. Equally created a more creative brand, which was a game changer in many ways, which was Jazzamatazz. It was popular here in the States, but was a much more popular sequence of records overseas, especially in Europe. That’s where I came in. When me and Guru created 7 Grand Records, we started a label to create an avenue where he could kind of merge Jazzamatazz and Gangstarr together, with a new brand of music. We accomplished that when we put out Jazzamatazz Vol. 4, which is considered a classic and was a fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Soul and even some Rock elements were incorporated. We brought in the hevy hitters of Rock and Jazz. We introduced Damian Marley to the Hip Hop community here in the States. It was such a brilliant album and to be honest, the Grammy board really showed themselves to not be on top of their job. That was a Grammy Award winning album.

ItzBizkit: I can only salute that. you make it sound easy. let the people know the blood, sweat and tears, man because I know what it is to put in the blood, sweat and tears. It ain’t all of that legendary stuff and getting to the bag without putting in the work.

Solar: When you do what you feel is the right thing for you at that time…I don’t like to call it baggage, but that’s what it is, but you don’t feel it at that time. You just keep running…the studios, the planes, the hotels, the interviews, the collaborating… It just happens. When I look back at it, it seems like it ll happened the other day. Ten years flew by. Tragically, the God was diagnosed with cancer, a very aggressive form of cancer. People should read the book, which I put out, has the history on the God’s life, my life and it really lays it all out. He didn’t just die of cancer. It was cancer, which led to what I call a medical murder operation by doctors and various people from his past that crept into his life to end it. From that point is where most people get confused because they don’t really know what happened. There is a lot of nonsense, lies and disgusting, cowardly rumors thrown out there to cover up what happened. This is part of the reason why I wrote the book. I was prohibited from writing the book for eight years. There was a court case they brought against me to stop me from writing the book.

ItzBizkit: Where can the people purchase the book if they want?

Solar: The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and anywhere else books are sld. Just search or ask for The Moment Of Truth The Gangstarr Book and you’ll find it. You can also goto my Instagram @soalrofficial and the link is in my bio. 

ItzBizkit: What’s your vision or what do you see in the future for Solar in the next decade?

Solar: The vision is this: Me and Guru completed two albums before Guru got returned. One was a Gangstarr album and the other was a Jazzamatazz album. The vision for the Gangstarr album was the same thing we did with Jazzamatazz Vol. 4. Top of the line producers, top of the line features and of course have DJ Premier involved with that album. Now, recently me and Premier got together to release the album under him and I to push the album forward, but right now, there is a struggle going on as to my involvement, trying to damned there eliminate me, which can’t be. The fate of this album rest in the hands of the fans. Do they want to hear the album with me and Premier, not hear the album at all or hear the original version of the album, which is incomplete. It’s going to be up tot the fans.

ItzBizkit: With people in the entertainment industry passing away from heart attacks, strokes ,cancer and other silent killers, are you into the “Health Is Wealth” movement, teaching the youth about juicing and healthy eating?

Solar: I’m a Pop Warner football coach, a boxing coach and I coach a number of Junior Olympic champions. As a matter of fact, I became a vegetarian when me and Guru were together and then Guru followed me to be a vegetarian. I’m a big advocate, not only to the children, but to everybody to eat a healthy diet, exercise and keep a certain spiritual grounding. I urge the fans that want to read the book that I wrote an entire chapter of how I urged Guru to go holistic and how it was the operation that killed him. 

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