New Video: Mytrell Foreman – “Delilah”

Mytrell Foreman shares his brand new visual for “Delilah.” The Andre Elias-produced song is accompanied with a cinematic visual that details the character, Michael’s day, from arguing with his wife to ending up at a soiree where he meets Delilah.

Mytrell says he came up with the idea on a car ride to work. He says, “I came up with ‘Delilah’ just riding back and forth to work, listening to the instrumental. Nothing was written down. It’s a freestyle and that is how I know these thoughts are bigger than me. it’s for anyone living in lust or a similar situation. It will touch at least one.”

Directed by Spencer D. Evans of Spirinity Productions, the video is painted in pellucid lighting. When the drinks are flowing and the vibe is right—anything can happen. Watch for yourself!

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