Exclusive: Interview with Kushman Ballin

1 – You have a deep catalogue of mixtapes over the past decade. How will your new projects change your course and elevate your national stature?

All of my new projects will really display the growth in my sound over the years and also the diversity of the tracks will let the people know that not only have I been around for awhile but I’m here to stay. Consistency is also one of the main things that is needed in this game and this barrage of next tapes I drop will show that I can be just that.

2 – What’s the inspiration behind your name? How are you different from other D-Boy/Trap rappers?

I got my name KushMan Ballin from the streets many years ago before people even really knew what kush was and which now when people first hear it think to yourself “this dude is a character… he either fulla shit or da real deal” and its crazy because the average shallow minded person would think that it just means I’m boosting and bragging on the profits out the weed game but the name actually means, “Rich African King” and if you take a close listen to some of my tracks from my more serious projects dropping over the next year you could easily hear it and understand.

3 – You’ve worked with a handful of legends in your career. What other Hip-Hop luminaries would you like to record with?

Really way too many to name but definetly Lil Wayne not only because he is the greatest rapper alive but he was personally one of my late great brother I do all of this for favorites before he passed. We grew up listening to Project Pat and Daz Dillinger so I got the opportunity to work with them on my last two projects I did it without thinking but at the same time in a sense thinking about how proud Notty would be of me.

4 – Gary Indiana is home to the Jackson family legacy. Why do you think the city couldn’t carry on their history to create a music mecca in the midwest?

Unfortunately, due to lack of resources within the city to support the culture it really becomes nearly impossible prosper without the right outside connections like the Jacksons even had to do way back then. Although the fame and fortune has shed light on the city or whatnot, it was never enough to create the outlets we truthfully needed to register on a major scale beyond just around the local scene here.

5 – Will the Kushman brand evolve beyond music? How do you envision people will view the Kushman Ballin presence in pop culture?

Definitely without a doubt because people already have helped me evolve beyond music with all the support of purchasing the clothing and merchandise so I could just imagine the future endeavors my fans, friends, and family will help me experience as the brand gets bigger, better, and more in demand. I really do feel I am more of a rockstar than a rapper sometimes so the pop culture influence is already there so I guess we shall see over the next few years.

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