ĀR RÄ Talks New Album “DFTR2”, Future Plans & More + Pre-Order

Q: Tell viewers a bit about yourself.

A: “My name is Argèn Joshua Lawson, known to my fans as “ĀR RÄ” (AR being my childhood name, and RA as in the Sun God and AR backwards), was born January 2nd, 1991, on the south side of Richmond, VA. I released my debut EP ‘Don’t Forget The Ra.’, coincidentally the same night I lost one of my closest friends and biggest inspirations for the project. ‘Don’t Forget The Ra.’ gives you a closer look into an urban Richmond, Va. It takes you the streets and back. It gives stripes and stories to tell. I give you bars from the Sun, lying true to my self proclaimed title of the “Sun God”. I had also enlisted both of my blood brothers, oso Steezy aka “Steez” & Fettucini Trill. “Stepped On”, my newest single, tells stories of my past life as a cocaine dealer. I would serve drugs at the local Chevrons and Exxons around the Richmond area, as I share in the song.”

Q: What producers have you worked with to complete the project?

A: “@BossDogTheBeatmaker has been my go to guy. “Street Empire” produced “Champagne Sundays” from ‘Don’t Forget The Ra.’, but 95% of all of my other original music, including “Girls”, has been BossDog. He’s a teenage producer hailing from Auschwitz, Germany. He has the ability to recreate sounds and moods. I am blessed to have him on my team. We have a very unique chemistry and we look forward to bringing you guys more heat!”

Q. How long did it take to complete the project? / What does it mean to you?

A: “It took a little over one month to complete the project. “Stepped On” released June 16th, exactly one month after ‘Don’t Forget The Ra.’. It was actually supposed to make the cut, but did not meet the deadline requirements. It features Poochanelli, another @osothecrew artist, and gives listeners a very true to sound vibe. It carries you from the corner boy to the drug lord. I try to take you back to before my long fight with felony cases. Back to when the drugs were sold, and not told. I also shows my appreciation for the sun, which couldn’t be more prevalent in my title and cover art of ‘Don’t Forget The Ra. 2’

Q: What’s next for you?

A: “I’m currently on tour with Money Makin’ Campaign (@iamthecapaign) and doing promo for “Don’t Forget The Ra. 2′. It should be released by August 13th. I’m actually doing a $100 giveaway for the first 200 pre-orders and giving those fans $5 cash back! You can pre-order #DFTR2 here! The winner will be announced August 13th!”

You can check out his latest singles “Stepped On” and “JoJo’s Interlude” exclusively here! Stream Below!

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