Watch Andaluz TheArtist’s ‘Spray Paint Art Portrait (ItsBizkit Edition)’

In this segment I paint a dope piece for good friend and Hip-Hop enthusiast ItsBizkit (We Everywhere). He asked for something that represented his not so washed life and I whipped up this canvas with his logo, the corona logo and a huge hennessy bottle. I couldn’t forget his iPhone 7 that he uses for all of his social media needs. If you’re a fan of his or just love art and music give this video a thumbs up. Until next time. NEVER WASHED BUT I’M NOT NEW (Drake Voice)

Equipment Used for Video:
Panasonic Lumix G85
Samsung S8+

Snapchat: AndaluzArt
Twitter: @AndaluzArt
Instagram: @AndaluzTheArtist
Facebook: Andaluz The Artist

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