Dolla $ign Dunn Interview: Influences, Musical Process, Future Plans & More

Since I started writing/blogging this past year, I’ve had the pleasure to build relationships with many up and coming artists, one being an emcee out of New Jersey by the name of Dolla $ign Dunn. Dunn is part of a collective called “Upper Class,” who also camps one of my other favorite rappers out of NJ, my guy TwonDon.

Dunn has showed me nothing but consistency in his records and work ethic – and is steadily building a buzz for himself in the game. Below is an interview we conducted, in which he spoke on his musical influences/inspirations, his musical process, plans for the future and much more. I also included Dunn’s latest single “Player’s Club.”


When and what made you pursue a career in music?

“I always knew how to rap from like lunch table freestyles and mocking my favorite rappers. About two years ago I wrote a verse out of curiosity and let Twon hear it while we was on our way to his studio session. His first response was “yo, you wrote that?” Then after having me rap it 2 more times he told me to book a session & see what i sound like in a studio. And from there I did it and I naturally felt like I could make something out of this.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“Cam’Ron, Roc A Fella era, even early Raekwon, Nelly for his hooks and melodies, and as of now Im not too inspired by the content of today’s music but the way artist are moving on the business end is motivating.”

What inspires you to write? Your subject matter?

“I let the production decide how I feel and where to go with it. Most of the time I listen to the beat over and over then just ink what I feel.”

Would you stay independent or sign with a major label? If major label, which one & why?

“As of now staying indie will be the best for me. Majors are not to necessary this early on. But if later down the line I can see eye to eye with a major then I might… who knows. And Ill have to say Def Jam for the fact a lot of my favorite artist was once signed or currently signed to them.”

What would be your dream collaboration(artist or producer)?

“For the culture Ill have to go with Hov…. who dont want a Hov feature? Ill love a batch of beats from Timbaland and or Pharrell. The way Innovate and construct they beats.. Amazing man.”

What is your process when making music?

“First off, it takes me forever to find beats because I’m very precise with my production selection. After I finally find something I like, keep the beat on replay and I get in the zone. (can’t giveaway my whole process bro, haha!)

Are you currently working on any projects?

“As of now my focus is just building my catalog & perfecting my craft so when it is time for my project Ill be at my best and give fans a good first impression project wise.”

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

“Hopefully on tour with my niggas, eating hella unhealthy shit & drinking henny lol. But 5-10 years man, idk.. Shit can change in an instance but god willin’ i’ll be in a position to put me and everyone around me on to some major paper.”

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