New Album: K.E.L.L.S. – Good $hit Vol. 2 (Stream)


With his small stature and somewhat high-pitched voice, K.E.L.L.S. gets a lot of Kendrick Lamar comparisons. But apart from superficial similarities, there are commonalities between the ways he and Lamar illuminate the issues affecting their inner-city communities through narrative-driven, storytelling rap.

Similar to how Lamar’s 2015 album “To Pimp a Butterfly,” which drew national attention to issues of social inequality in his native Compton, – “Good $hit Vol. 2” shines light on deep East Oakland, where K.E.L.L.S. grew up and still resides today.

The genre-bending project is laidback and breezy, with effervescent jazz piano and saxophone samples intermingling with digitized vocal snippets and other glitchy effects. But its over-all feel is organic, with lots of analog instruments and a vintage sensibility.

Listen below.

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