Listen: ‘BNF Podcast’ Sits Down With Cast Of “Money & Violence”


After a two week hiatus, the BNF Podcast returns with a special treat.

Fleeto, Benz, and Woody sit down with the cast of the New York-based web series, Money & Violence (starting at 26:50). For those who don’t know, Money & Violence kicked off in 2014 as a web series on Youtube; but after much success, the show not only was able to raise money for better equipment, but landed a deal with Tidal for season two (which can be watched here).

But before we get into that, BNF talks about the recent murder of a Dorchester student, the rape case that involved a court probation officer, the Stanford student rape case, Future calling Rocko a snitch, the Orlando shooting, and much more.

Stream below.

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