Video: Bynoe feat. Young Prince – Where I’m From

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Bynoe one of the newest rap artists in the New York scene has come with a brand new collection of new hip hop music which found immediate attention among the underground hip-hop music lovers of the city.

A New Yorker to the core, Bynoe always believed in setting high goals for himself. The release of the video of his brand new song is expected to create waves among the hip-hop aficionados of the city. Bynoe got the idea of the record when he received an email from Sonaro – a producer which whom he worked for many years in the past. The project originally started with a sample from the 1997 Jay Z song “Where I’m From” where Young Prince sings about the pathos of growing up in Queens. Bynoe wanted to come up with a different version of this song focusing on Queens. Instead of the original “ I’m from where the hammers rung, news cameras never come/you and your mans hung in every verse in your rhyme” we have “ Ayo, Queens get the Money long time no cash/ am caught up in the hustle when the guns go blast”. As you have guessed by now the opening lines of this song was taken from Prodigy on Mobb Deep’s 95 hit, ‘Give Up The Goods.’ ‘Where I’m From’ can be seen as a tribute to the legendary rap group of Queens NY.

Peep the new video directed by 2181 Films below, and look out for Bynoe’s Gold Blooded mixtape coming summer 2016.

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