New Video: Tokunbo – Southside / Martyr Music

Tokunbo is an American recording artist from Southside Jamaica Queens, NY. This two part video is a peek into his world, a state of mind built around the culture of current times.
On “Southside“, he aims to get people to see what he sees, holding up a mirror to the ghetto exposing it to it’s own reflection. Growing up in an environment where abandoned homes are common, he tries to make the best of what he was given. “Martyr Music” was a product of constantly seeing police brutality on the front of newspapers; literally hundreds of black men and women abused and slain at the hands of those who are meant to protect. That alone can change our mentality and redefine what it means to live in the USA.
Director Godfred Sedano captured the true essence of each song, shooting “Southside” on Linden Blvd in an abandoned home and shooting “Martyr Music” in an abandoned mental asylum. It brings the grittyness of the themes in each song to life.

Watch below.

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